Seems like we have to have more rest breaks to plan our 50th!!
Seems like we have to have more rest breaks to plan our 50th!!
If your email address changes between reunions, please notify both website administrators at the following addresses: and  Hopefully that will permit your continued access to update your information.  Thanks.

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Pat Magann
Physician Married 3
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Pat Davis (Sankbeil)
Director of ER Married 2
three grandchildren. Working near Myrtle Beach and loving it.
Patricia McFarland (Rexrode)
Systems Accountant Married 2
I have worked for Civil Service 29 years and I'm looking forward to retirement next year. I completed an Interior Decorating Class and a Chef's Class to open options for my next career. My daughters live in Orlando, Fl. Jacquie is a clinical psychologist and Kelly is manager of a Holiday Inn Select. I have one grand daughter who is a great basketball star. I travel with my husband, Bob as often as possible. He is a telementry and radar Engineer and travels often. Send Patricia a MessageSend Patricia a Message
Patti Smith (Wrenn)
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property manager Divorced 2
I have two children and two grandchildren.  I never dreamed that being a grandmother would be this wonderful. 
I've worked with the same company almost 14 years and retirement isn't in my plan.  I just hope it isn't in the plan of my employer! 
This is the first reunion I have missed.  I'll be thinking of you and hope you have a great time!
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Randolph Carter
RETIRED Married 3

I retired in March, 2008 from Norfolk Southern after 37 years of service.  Sara and I have 4 grandchildren and travel at least half of our time.  I'm still trying to play golf and Sara joins me on an occasion; when she is not playing with the ladies.  Life is good and we look forward to seeing you at the 45th reunion.

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Rebecca Woods (Neel)
Retired Widowed 2
I am a mother of 2 children and a  grandmother of 3 boys and 1 girl. I get to see them very often. I am active in church and  2 of my grandchildren's school. I am a Foster grandparent.
I have a small graphics business that I get to run out of my home and enjoy it very much.
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Richard Lorber
Profile picture
Profile picture
Screenwriter / Comedy Writer [Screenplays & Short Stories] Married
59 years old now & still haven't grown up! If you'd like to know WHY, take a look at my mini web-site & read firsthand [if you can bear to] what my life was like in my 95.4% autobiographical Short Stories. Here I was, a neurotic little Jew from Brooklyn, NY-- growing up [from 1951-1953] in Bland, VA & [from 1953-1965] in Bluefield, WV.

Most of these ostensibly funny Short Stories were published in literary magazines, which none of us have heard of-- including me.

I probably don't belong HERE on this site- since I graduated BHS in 1965. [In retrospect, I probably never belonged in Bluefield.]

However, the few friends I did have-- I met at Whitethorn Grade School, Fairview Junior High, & "BEAVER"! -- aka "BHS"!

I left for UCLA in 1965 to major in Physics-- & never looked back. [I was too paranoid.]

After 4 years of college, & too many years at 3 different graduate schools, I somehow ended up as a comedy writer. [Probably because my childhood and early adulthood was bizarrely & unintentionally funny.]
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Rita Taylor (Lee)
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Radiologic Technologist Married 1
My life has gotten much busier this past year. My husband became the Principal at Parkland Magnet High School. My hobby of photography has expanded to include shooting three destination weddings. I teach CPR classes. My son, Adam, is married but no grandchildren yet. I look forward to seeing everyone. Send Rita a MessageSend Rita a Message
Ronald Dillon
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Pastor Married 3
Libby (Elizabeth Thompson, '63) and I have been married 38 years. We have three sons- Dan in Charleston SC, and twins Jon in Portland, OR, and Pete in New York, NY. Wish I could see you all, but our next grandson has come and I must go meet him in Portland, OR. I have been a pastor since 1968. We are now in Mt. PLeasant, (Charleston) SC, at First Baptist. Have been in SC for 20 years. Send Ronald a MessageSend Ronald a Message
Ronald Phelps
Retired Married 2
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