Those Mighty Beavers!
Those Mighty Beavers!


Our just concluded 55th Reunion (Covid-delayed by one year) was recently concluded.  Those who intended the events scattered over the July 15th weekend reported lots of laughs and hugs (don't tell Dr. Fauci). One event in particular  which was especially well-received was the tour of the restored Granada theather, although the open house at Gary Bowling's House of Art was a close second (amazing what he and his supported have done so far to the old Ramsey School).

You may access the class picture at the "55th Pic +ID" tab to the Right. It can be enlarged for easier viewing by simply double-clicking on it.  Several of the pictures taken by our classmates during the event are included at the "Photo Albums" tab inside the 55th Reunion Album.  We are still gathering photo's to include.  Donna Whitley Long has numberous pictures in her Snapchat folder, but the techno-saurus who updates this site has no clue how to include them.  Here is the link to that site:

Please also review our "Memorials" tab listing all known deceased classmates. If you know of a deceased classmate we have not listed, email John Shott ( with the information.

Dates for future Reunions:
      60th--July 17 & 18, 2026
     100th-- 3rd Friday in July, 2066 (Heaven-- Room 66)

To the Outside World we all grow old. But not to our fellow classmates. We know each other's hearts.....We live outside the touch of time.  (Adaptation of quote by Clara Ortega)