Class of 1966


50 years!!
Looks like it's here, so let's celebrate!!!!

On the "heels" of our "ultra-successful" 45th Reunion, your Reunion Committee is committed to making our 50th even better (of course we are hoping that  your ability to compare is impaired by your fading memory).  We are hopeful that as many classmates as possible will attend this milestone event.   

 Check out the "Details of Events" tab for all the weekend events and details.    

After deciding which events you will attend, go the the "RSVP" tab and select those events in the dropdown menu. If you plan to allend all the events, just use "All Events" in the drop down menu. 
You will then be asked to enter your information, along with the number of guests attending.  When you have entered all your information click on the "Add RSVP" button at the bottom.  Now, we know you are coming.  

Also, don't forget to update your information in the "Classmates" tab.  Click the "Edit Your Profile" button and you will be asked for your user name and password.  If you're like most of us, you've forgotten it.  No worry.  Just click on the "Forgot user name and password" below the sign in and you will be prompted to enter your email.  After submitting that information, your user name and password will be emailed to you.  Once you have that information, return to the "Classmates" tab and update your information.  Don't forget to click the "Submit" button to complete the update process. 

To see a list of available motels in the Bluefield/Princeton area click on the "Travelers" tab and click on the "Accommodations" tab in the drop down menu.

This year we have added a "Memorials" tab listing all known deceased classmates. If you know of a deceased classmate we have not listed, email John Shott ( with the information.

Dates for future Reunions:
      55th--July 16 & 17, 2021
     100th-- Next to last weekend, July, 2066 (Heaven-- Room 66)

Reunion Quiz
What was the top song of 1966?

Reach Out - I'll Be There
The Ballad of the Green Berets
Winchester Cathedral

To the Outside World we all grow old. But not to our fellow classmates. We know each other's hearts.....We live outside the touch of time.  (Adaptation of quote by Clara Ortega)
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