I am the foot hills of the Appalachian mountains.
I am East River Mountain at dawn with fog cascading towards the valley asleep in shadow.
I am silence.
I watch it roll.

I am patent leather leaves of Mountain Laurel.
i am Cranberry Glades with woodland forests rising against the evening sky.
I am Monongahela National Forest.
I smell the pine.

I am blue sky moving over lakes, rivers and creeks. 
I am Bluestone Dam and New River Gorge with winding trails, and waterfalls splashing in the forests.
I am the Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River.
I watch me in the ripples. 

I am hollows, hills and hairpin curves. 
I am Pealed Chestnut Road with ridges and gaps cutting through the back roads.
I am Rocky Gap and Pinnacle Rock. 
I climb the ledges.

I am fiddles, guitars and banjos.
I am Blue Grass music with spirited songs and hymns rising to the heavens.
I am Lily of the Valley and bright in the morning sun.
I get down my knees and pray.

I am wonderful West Virginia wild and beautiful.
I am Mountain Mama wearing chambray shirt and weathered jeans.

I am back to the Bluefields where my story began.
I am home.

Sally O'Toole Leamon, 2010